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WiFi Password Recover prank


Connect to your neighbors WiFi network and check out what they have on their computer, use their Internet connection or printer, or just make them a trick ;)With "WIFI Hacker Professional" you can easily simulate gaining access to each available WiFi network within range of your mobile phone.Simply pick the WiFi network you want to hack into. "WIFI Hacker Professional" will try to break into it, and then show you a password.How to use:- Press "START" button- Select WIFI network you want to hack into- "WIFI Hacker Professional" will attempt to break into the network- Password for WIFI will be displayed if hacking was successfulThe app is able to crack the protected network protocols such as:- WPA- WPA2- WEPREAD THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING:Remember that it is only a prank(fake) app. All passwords in the application are generated randomly and are not the real passwords that can be used to connect with WiFi networks. Hacking into WIFI network in fact is illegal!Use this app to trick your friends that you are the real hacker.To provide the full app for free it contains adverts such as notifications ads, home icons, smart walls and dialog ads.You can easily turn them off by selecting "Close" in opt-in form at beginning, or uninstalling this app.Some anti-virus application may discover "WIFI Hacker Professional" as a virus, but HackerTools can ensure you that this is not a virus."WIFI Hacker Professional" was tested on a variety of mobile devices but we cant ensure that it will work properly on any kind of device.Generates a random key to protect your router.The algorithm is capable of achieving security keys compatible with WEP, WPA, WPA2 with a high level of authentication.The application also displays a list of networks that are open to facilitate the search the user.This application is totally free if you want you can contribute to remove advertising.Is optimized for Android phones and tabletsWiFi Hacker Prank scans for available wifi networks and displays security information about them.WiFi Hacker highligts routers with potentially weak protection.Wifi Password hacker is best way to make fun with your friends and family members.Open the application in front of your friends and make yourself a genius that you can reallyhack into their secured wifi networks. The application is made with UI interface and it looks almost real. So none of your friendscan know its prank application.Breach their secured network and notice the expression of your friends.How to Prank:Open this application in front of your friends and run the appClick on the network you want to hack it will generate random password but your friends will think you have really hacked their passwordBest Features:*Fantastic graphics*Advance wifi scanner*Show wifi signal strength*Show available wifi networks in the range*Scans all available hotspots*Real Password generator*Hacking simulation like real HackingNote: This app is only made for fun and will not do real hackingMake your friends and family fool that you are a real hacker and can hack any wifi.Wifi Password Hacker is a new free wifi app which allows you to pretend to break the password of any nearby wireless internet wifi network and gain the access. It feels and looks professional and it is the best app to make fun with your friends.Make a fun with your friends and family. Look like a hacker. This application will show you all available wifi networks, When you click on any shown network, a realistic like processing will start and at the completion of process a password will be shown.HOW TO USE:1- Enable wifi in your phone.5- Take Wifi password!* Wifi Hacker Prank does not require internet connection.* Wifi Hacker Prank is free. It will always be free.* Cool & HD Graphics* Wifi Hacker Prank FREE fun for all.* You can easily fool your friends.* We will update the application regularly.* Wifi Hacker Prank is completely free to download. please give us 5 stars.